Implementing a fault-tolerant system for Redis, which will handle all types of outages.


We have implemented a circuit breaker between all the services(i.e upstream and downstream). In Jan we faced a severe outage from AWS due to which connectivity of our application to the Redis server was impacted and we have seen timeouts and high response times due to which all the requests got stacked up and it results in full memory usage. After some time it resulted in the complete failure of the system. Most of the pods were in the crashback loop.

Basic Circuit-Breaker Usecase


We were already aware…

In my current organization and previous organization, we faced an issue whenever a sudden surge in traffic is there it impacted the services in cascading way. As sometimes HPA takes time to kick in or may not work in the right way if the desired condition is not being fulfilled.

To solve the above issue a lot of things came into mind that in some way how we should able to solve it. Popular work around it is rate limit or concurrency control. Both have their own pros and cons. …

The very popular question being asked how exactly HTTPS work? A lot of blogs around it are available in detailed form as well as in shorter form. I will try to keep it in middle not lengthy nor short.

In my previous blog I covered the working of the browser How does the browser work?

I will start where I left earlier how HTTP works? HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol it is an application side protocol used for transmitting hypermedia documents like HTML. HTTP transfers data over TCP connection between client and server (Let’s not go in deep about…

This question is very popular that whenever we type URL in browser what happens? The very popular answer is browser will look to resolve the DNS by looking into the caches (browser cache, if not found, system cache, if not found then in ISP cache). If all the cache lookups will fail then ISP providers will execute the domain name query. But what exactly happens in the background.

how the browser establishes a connection
  • When you type in in your web browser it will first go to recursive resolver hosted with ISP(Internet Service Provider i.e. Prime Fibernet in my case) end (by default) or at…

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